MacBook Air
plutonapps written in bold white font
We Design, Build And Launch
A Data Diven Ceative First Technology Solutions Company
What we do best
We’re pretty sure everyone wants higher conversion rates and better recognition. Don’t worry, we got you covered!
a tablet which displays a keyboard, plutonapps visiting card, a mobile with plutonapps screensaver on, a smartwatch. there is a text written at plutonapps we breathe design.
Goldilock Zone
Our proven model to product market fit.
This picture explains the concept of Goldilock Zone. Its composed of three circles. One circle is named user, the other thechnology and the last one business. The circles are arranged in a triangular fashion so that part of each circle overlaps on the others in some areas. There is only one are where the three circles overlaps. This area is called the product.
Got an awesome idea? You’re halfway there! Now let us make a fully functioning product out of it.
A desktop which displays a laptop on its screen. It mostly black and white.
AI Lab
Breakthrough AI innovations beyond imagination
A AI humanoid in blue themed colour scheme. By plutonapps.